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    In today’s world we are constantly using technology to entertain, distract, inform and stay current.

Although the benefits of technology today are AMAZING, we have lost connection with the world around us and each other.

    It’s time to unplug from the media and reconnect with nature, ourselves and each other.

Some of the benefits from taking a technology break are:

1. Promotes an open-minded attitude

2. Improve social interaction

3. Strengthens the immune system

4. Reduces stress levels

5. Helps to reconnect with Self

*Unplugged is an All-Inclusive Weekend Retreat but may be scheduled for Mid Week for groups & families*

Sample Schedule 

(Schedules can be Adjusted at time of Booking to better suit your personal preferences)

Guided Meditation/Journaling

Time to Shower / Get Ready


Free Time / Optional Additional Services


Outdoor Excursion

Time to shower and freshen up before dinner


Evening Sit Down - Discussing the day and any anxieties that may arise with being disconnected.

Evening Tea

*The schedule above may change due to weather. Outdoor activities will be substituted for an indoor practice or group workshop of your choosing.*


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Family & Group Rates Available!

Your privacy is respected and you will NOT be added to any mailing lists or have any of your information shared with third parties.